Terms and Conditions

  1. For Sale in (FSI) is a marketing agency not a real estate agency. We facilitate leads to agents from people looking to sell their homes and offer ADDITIONAL marketing to sellers who select an agent from our network.
  2. The term “additional marketing” refers to our $4,000 Marketing package.
  3. Additional Marketing does not replace the marketing required by the real estate agent. Marketing on property sale websites, using a board & brochures as well as professional photography is still recommended and can be finalized between the seller and the agent.
  4. All negotiations of the Sales contract are between the seller and the agent they select. For Sale In is not involved in negotiations in any way.
  5. Additional Marketing Package can be redeemed once a sales contract is in place with an agent from within our preferred agent network.
  6. For Sale In Agents are selected on values, experience, and other key indicators to provide you quality options and in an easy system where the seller is in complete control.
  7. Agent Discovery Pages will be made available to you once you have spoken to one of our representatives.
  8. Up to 3 Agent discovery profiles will be sent to you for review. Additional profiles can be sent to you upon request.
  9. By submitting an inquiry you are in no way obligated to select an agent from our network. If an agent is selected from outside the For Sale In network, the $4,000 marketing package will not be available to you.
  10. Once Photography and Video content are created, For Sale In will initiate a digital Ads campaign to increase the reach of your property listing.
  11. If your property does not sell you will not be charged for For Sale In’s services.
  12. If your property does not sell, you are not able to use any of the marketing materials created by For Sale In as a part of the $4,000 additional marketing package with a New agent.
  13. For Sale In does not guarantee any results for the sale of your home. Our role is simply to market your property and try to get as many people interested in your property as we can.
  14. By submitting an inquiry you are confirming that you have read and understood the above terms and conditions.